Purchasing a car is a big deal. You can’t make snap decisions; you need to make careful, calculating choices and do your research. But buying a car is only half the story—getting it the proper coverage is the other half. We offer official Dodge extended warranty plans good at any Dodge dealership nationwide. We will make sure you get what you need and that your vehicle is protected against unexpected repairs. It’s scary how much auto repairs can cost, and if you do not get the right coverage, you may end up paying far more than you expected.


In a situation that happens more often than it should, the owner of a brand new, very expensive car went in for a repair that should have been covered. They were having issues with the rear differential. They had purchased an extended warranty that covered the engine, transmission, and rear differential, but it didn’t include coverage for leaking seals and gaskets—the culprit of the failure of the rear differential. Therefore, the repair was not covered and the owner paid a couple thousand dollars!


When shopping for an extended warranty, it is imperative to ask questions and foresee possible future issues like the one summarized above. Making certain your new car has the right coverage not only saves you money – but a large amount of stress! Knowing you are protected with a genuine Dodge extended warranty backed by the Chrysler corporation means that you can rest easy knowing future auto repairs will be covered.

Buying a Dodge extended warranty is a terrific, cost-saving decision. Let us help you get the coverage you need. Have a list of what you want, and we’ll go over it to make sure that every base is covered. While your car isn’t your whole life, it can be a big part of it! Purchasing a car is only part of the process. Don’t pay for unexpected repair bills, get covered.