For years now, franchise dealerships have been offering consumers factory-backed extended warranties for their automobiles. These vehicle extended warranties provide added security for vehicle components that could break, covering unexpected repair expenses that can break your budget. In the past, the only place to purchase factory-backed extended warranties has been at your local dealership. Prices are usually higher than aftermarket extended warranties, but most customers prefer the security of protection backed by their vehicle’s manufacturer.Why do manufacturer-backed extended warranties cost more? It is because they tend to present the fewest unwanted surprises to the policy holder. As a result, if you wanted to buy an official Chrysler Extended Factory Warranty in the past, you probably thought buying it from your local dealership was your only option. However, times are changing and that isn’t the case any longer. The internet has been constantly evolving the way businesses attract customers to their services. Recently, automobile manufacturers are allowing certain authorized dealerships to sell their official Chrysler Extended Factory Warranties online. This is great news for the customer, as it allows you to purchase a genuine Chrysler Service Contract without paying dealership retail prices.




With little-to-no added effort, you can now save hundreds when you buy your Chrysler Extended Factory Warranty online. The best part is that the extended warranty you receive will be identical to plan from your local dealership. In addition, you may still have your vehicle serviced at any Chrysler dealership across the United States and Canada.

Avoid purchasing an aftermarket warranty for your vehicle if possible. Some consumers experience slow payment procedures and many dealerships prefer not to work with them. It may take longer to get your car fixed and back on the road because there are many extra steps for the dealership to confirm that repairs are covered and will be paid for.

That is not how it works with a Chrysler Extended Factory Warranty from Any Chrysler dealership will recognize your extended warranty plan and immediately start fixing your car. Your Chrysler automobile will be up and running before you know it and you’ll receive the trusted service you desire from any Chrysler dealership nationwide.

Buying an official Chrysler Service Contract online is truly a win-win for the customer, and it should be your first option when thinking of buying an extended warranty for your Chrysler, Dodge or Jeep vehicle. So before you pull the trigger on that factory-backed warranty from your local Chrysler dealership, consider purchasing a discount Chrysler-Mopar Vehicle Protection Plan online from and take advantage of their low-price guarantee.