Ever since the fifth grade, you dreamed of having one. Your homeroom teacher always had a problem with you. She would have to move you away from the window to hold your attention. On your way home from school, you passed a Chrysler dealership. Your pace would always slow so you could catch an eye-full of your first love. She’s perfect—not too flashy, yet able to catch your eye like a humble prom date. Your imagination seemed to play with you and, for whatever reason, you would think that the elegant Chrysler automobile was looking at you as well. Only in her case, there was no teacher to stop her from doing so. Maybe she was looking at you, searching for a worthy owner. In class you would gaze out of the window and see yourself cruising down the coastline, paying no mind to the fact that you’re from the Midwest. You dream about the windows being down and the wind caressing your face as you make your way down the coastline. The ultimate daydream.
As you grow up, the dream becomes more and more realistic. With every passing year, your income grows and the dream becomes more feasible. Then one day, you walked into a Chrysler dealership and made your dream a reality.


You don’t own your Chrysler vehicle, she owns you. As she gives you the gift of memories that last a lifetime, you must give her something in return—protection and respect. When your vehicle was new, it came with a Chrysler warranty, therefore, it only makes sense to extend the Chrysler warranty that protects you from unexpected repairs. Let’s say your plan does become a reality. You took your Chrysler out to the coast and as you zip down the winding highway, you notice something isn’t quite right. You cruise into a Chrysler dealership that’s near by. Luckily, you were right, another moment on the road and you might have been stranded. The Chrysler certified mechanic can fix your car and because you purchased an extended Chrysler warranty, the repairs are covered so you don’t have to pay a dime.


Expensive mechanical repairs can be scary, but they happen to all used vehicles. After all, don’t you get sick occasionally? Preservation of a work of art is key. Luxury items deserve your full attention and it’s important to keep up routine maintenance so that unexpected mechanical repairs seldom happen. But if they do, an extended Chrysler warranty will protect you from a steep price and get your car back to you as soon as can be. Your time with your new Chrysler automobile should not be spent in the shop; it should be spent on the road, wherever that may be. Protect her, wherever she takes you.