You can almost see it: Bo in the driver’s seat and Luke in the passenger’s seat. The sirens in the distance after them, they zig and zag wondering how they are going to get out of this one. Then it comes – the iconic jump. Once they stick the landing, they move on and escape the police. Classic.But do you ever think the Dukes of Hazard had Dodge warranty on their 69-Dodge challenger, otherwise known as “The General?” We’ve all seen the intense car chases that the Luke and Bo got into have you wondered how much of a strain that was on the General? We’re assuming quite a bit, but that never seemed to slow the General down and always got them to safety. However, what if the engine or transmission failed during one of their signature chases? We know; that would be a complete plot destroyer. We always like to think they had a Dodge warranty, so if and when they got out (if they even got caught), they could get the General fixed and back to the streets.




For years, the only way to get a Dodge warranty was through dealership networks. Luckily, the internet has changed the game again. The internet has allowed dealerships to sell extended warranty packages virtually. Instead of having to deal with the vast network of dealerships, you can shop online at home. Online extended warranty providers offer the same factory-backed extended warranties by nationwide dealerships. However, finding the right one for you will take due diligence, as there are a variety of extended warranty plans that may or may not be right for you.




The short answer, yes. If you ever run into unexpected problems like a failed transmission or failed engine, the prices will be astronomically high. However, these prices can be avoided with an extended warranty on your vehicle. This can obviously land you in a lot of trouble in one-way or another, but obtaining an extended warranty is rather easy to do.

Most people prefer typical manufacturer-sponsored warranties rather than “aftermarket used car warranties,” for ease making a claim. For example, any dodge dealership service department will be able to recognize the official Dodge warranty plan that you have. The quicker they are able to do this, the quicker they can get started on your car’s repairs.  The dealership repair service actually prefers working official factory-backed Dodge warranties because they are already familiar with the various procedures they have to do, and they know they will be paid in full on time. Depending on the severity of the mechanical or electrical failure, the repair process is quick with a genuine Factory-owned Dodge warranty to getting you back on the road as fast as possible.