You’re in a state of elation. The keys to your brand new Dodge Challenger hang loosely around your fingers as you spin them around and around in a boastful fashion. You’ve finally purchased your dream car, and you don’t know if you’ll ever step out from behind the steering wheel again. But wait, isn’t there something you’re forgetting? Oh yes, protection from an extended automobile warranty.If you have ever tried to keep tabs on the number of automobile extended warranty companies online, it’s probably left your head spinning. How can you discern the best extended automobile warranty for your needs? Here’s what you should look into before choosing your extended dodge warranty:


Oftentimes, aggressive car dealership personnel will try and persuade you into purchasing your extended dodge warranty at an over-inflated price. Many new automobile purchasers have the misconception that negotiating the purchase price of their auto extended warranty is not allowed, but you can and should negotiate for your best price! Remember, there is always and asking and taking price at auto dealerships for anything you may purchase. Oftentimes, genuine Chrysler Service Contracts can be purchased at significant discounts from retail price!


While some vehicles may not qualify for wear and tear coverage, the best vehicle extended warranty plans will cover all breakdowns from wear and tear damage for your vehicle. Too many claims are denied over the definition of whether a part has broken or if it is just worn out. If your dodge warranty does not cover mechanical breakdowns from wear damage, you claim will not be covered. The official factory-backed extended Dodge warranty always covers breakdowns due to wear and tear. Make sure you are aware of wear and tear coverage before you purchase your extended dodge warranty.


Chrysler-Warranty-Online has been serving our community for decades and is one of the oldest and most respected extended dodge warranty providers in the country. Chrysler-Warranty-Online is the number one provider of genuine factory-backed extended Dodge warranties and will help you avoid high-pressure sales presentations from aggressive sales personnel at auto dealerships. They will assist you in choosing the right extended dodge warranty for your budget. They have the programs to cover your vehicle bumper-to-bumper, whether it is an extended warranty plan for your Dodge Charger, Dart, Avenger, Challenger, or any other Dodge vehicle. Chrysler-Warranty-Online will help you get the best Dodge warranty available. They offer free auto extended warranty quotes, just call (844) 533-3736 and let them save you money.