You’re a country boy—always have been and always will be. However, the job to take in the city was just too good to pass up, so you’ve traded the small town for the big city and all its amenities. But you can’t help but travel to the country on the weekends in your Dodge Dakota. One day during the week, your buddies call you up to lay down the plans for a fishing trip. Of course, you are going to go, why wouldn’t you? Friday after work you decide to load up the truck and head to your usual fishing spot with the boys. The trip is amazing: cold beer, fresh fish, sunshine, the great outdoors, and old friends is all you need. Sunday morning, you and your friends are packing up the trucks and saying good byes.
As soon as you and your friends start pulling out of the camping site you hear a strange noise coming from the engine. Suddenly, every single check engine light appears on your dash and your Dakota stops dead in its tracks. You honk your horn and catch the attention of your friends before they could get away. With how deep in the woods you were, there is no way a tow truck would have been able to reach you. Your friends tow you back to the auto shop in the city and the news is in: your transmission went out. The repairs are going to cost a big chunk of money.


Despite the expensive move to the city, you have enough in your savings to pay for the repairs and move on. Unfortunately, this was a very expensive lesson that has you looking for better ways to protect your larger investments. That night you investigate Dodge warranties. For about a week you do your homework and consider the right plan for you. By the time you have your next purchase, it will be an investment to protect your car, a Dodge warranty.


The unexpected repairs on a failed transmission are going to be expensive. So much so that it can force people to use savings that they wouldn’t have had to use in the first place. Think of your car as an asset: when it comes to large investments like a car, consumers need to think about Dodge warranties. Dodge warranties extend the life of your car and protect you from the price of unexpected mechanical or electrical failures. A Dodge warranty can be extended at any time and can prevent you from running into the problem of not having a car due to an unforeseen mechanical problem.

Unexpected repairs may be difficult to pay for once they happen. For the short term, they throw your finances off track. But it’s ok—In the future, let your new Dodge Warranty take the worry out of paying for expensive auto repairs.