Joseph Lopez loves his daughter, who is to be married soon. He also loves being able to live and work in the small southwestern Nevada community of Goodsprings, and that he can enjoy family camping trips near the famous Red Rock Canyon. It is his trusty ’09 Jeep Cherokee that gets him around the still wild lands of pristine desert beauty, but last winter, an unlikely and expensive transmission failure could have waylaid his plans to gift the SUV to his daughter for her pending honeymoon.
Fortunately he purchased an official Chrysler Jeep extended warranty and the authorized dealer in nearby Las Vegas had him up and running quickly, without affecting his daughter’s wedding plans.


These types of auto warranty services are known by many names. They are called extended services plans or extended service contracts or extended warranties. Essentially, no matter what they are called, they do one thing. A Chrysler Jeep extended warranty purchased from Chrysler Warranty Online will pay for unexpected repairs to your vehicle at Chrysler Dodge and Jeep authorized service centers nationwide.

It is different from the factory warranty because if takes over after the Chrysler Jeep factory warranty has expired, and thus helps to ensure that your Chrysler Dodge and Jeep vehicle continues to receive the same level of service you’ve come to expect, and you remain protected from the possibility of an unexpected repair bill in the future, which lowers your overall long term cost of ownership. Further, many plans are transferable, and so may offer value if you decide to sell your vehicle in the future, the plan may go with the vehicle.


There certainly is a cost when adding a Chrysler Jeep extended warranty to your aging vehicle, but unexpected repair bills can cost far more. Choosing to add a service plan allows you to plan for the unexpected at a price that fits your budget. Beyond protection, you get peace of mind.