It’s finally time for an automobile upgrade, and you’ve never been more ready. This time you’ll be able to buy a car that fits all of your needs while looking super cool in the process. The only aspect of this situation that has you a little bit worried is the idea of selling your current car. You know the dealers won’t give you a good trade allowance. You’ve purchased a Chrysler used car warranty for the car you currently drive, and you have no idea what the process is when it comes to transferring this warranty over to the next owner of the vehicle. Thankfully, we can do that. Here’s how it works:


If you have previously purchased a Chrysler Used Car Warranty, this extended warranty can be transferred to a new owner usually for a fee of $50. See your contract for the exact details. This way, your old car comes with mechanical and electrical protection taking the worry out of vehicle breakdowns during their new ownership. A potential buyer is much more likely to consider purchasing your vehicle with the knowledge that the Chrysler Used Car Warranty is included, which insures vehicle reliability and is likely to secure a quicker transaction sale for you.

During this process you will need to contact your Chrysler Used Car Warranty support representative. Toll free contact telephone numbers are located on the front or your Chrysler Used Car Warranty contract. Ask them to email you a Chrysler Used Car Warranty transfer form and be certain to get the short list of instructions necessary for your client who is buying your vehicle. This will make the process go smoothly and secure the benefit of an official Chrysler Used Car Warranty for them.


Your Chrysler used car warranty has given you peace of mind when it comes to mechanical or electrical breakdowns, and that peace of mind is equally transferable to the vehicle’s new owner. If a buyer has the opportunity to choose between two identical cars, one with a transferable extended car warranty and one without, they’re going to choose the car that comes with the protection plan, because it has a much higher perceived value than the vehicle without one. This allows you to have peace of mind about the value of your vehicle and the buyer to feel protected with this transferable automobile coverage!

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